AI Days

AI Days 2023, October 16-20

AI Days is a week of activities dedicated to all things AI, from competitions designed to bring students’ ideas to engaging panels discussing AI and data science. Three student competitions feature $60,000 in prizes!



UF IFAS Blogs on Artificial Intelligence

The UF/IFAS Faculty AI Working Group is presenting a series of seminars from faculty across UF/IFAS as well as external speakers to build a robust scholarly community on artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. It will provide a platform for experts to share their latest research advancements in fundamental and applied AI and data science technologies for agriculture, natural resources, and human systems.



July 2023

Weekly AI Minutes Airing on WUFT-FM 89.1

Beginning in July 2023, a weekly AI minute will air on WUFT-FM 89.1. Don't miss any episodes by finding those broadcasts here on our AI website. 

January 2023

What it means to be an AI University

University of Florida Provost Joe Glover recently sat down with NVIDIA’s AI Podcast host Noah Kravitz to discuss the university’s efforts to build the first AI university in the country. Central to that effort is UF’s push to apply AI teaching across the full breadth of the curriculum at UF.

January 2022

This supercomputer is a game-changer for researchers

The University of Florida is home to one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. It’s called HiPerGator and in this episode of From Florida, Erik Deumens explains how its speed and capacity is making a difference in what researchers are able to do. 

January 2022

Artificial intelligence is reshaping agricultural practices to address extreme weather and an increasing demand for food

Researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are at the leading edge of using artificial intelligence to improve agricultural practices and production. Scott Angle explains the innovations happening at UF that will help Florida and other southeastern states take an increasing role in the nation’s food production. 

October 2022

The US is falling behind in artificial intelligence. Here is what one university is doing about it

To thrive economically and be globally competitive, the U.S. needs to add many more workers who understand and have expertise in artificial intelligence. In this episode, David Reed, inaugural director of the Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center explains how the University of Florida is taking a comprehensive approach to meet that need. 

October 2022

Micro-credential, big payoff

Micro-credentials have emerged as an ideal way to become proficient in a specific knowledge area. In this episode, Regina Rodriguez, then provost fellow for professional education, explains UF's approach to micro-credentials, particularly in the realm of AI. 

October 2022

NIH's new program expands the use of AI in research

The National Institutes of Health announced this fall a new program to expand the use of artificial intelligence in biomedical and behavioral research. In this episode, Azra Bihorac and Barbara Evans discuss the program and the University of Florida's involvement. 

November 2021

Research aims to create fairness in AI-assisted hiring systems

Professor Mo Wang of the Warrington College of Business is in the early stages of a research project looking at how to design trustworthy, transparent and fair AI-assisted hiring systems – work funded by a grant of nearly $1 million from the National Science Foundation and Amazon. 


UF Information Technology |January 2024

How to Talk About HiPerGator

Information on how to describe HiPerGator, UF's supercomputing system.

Media & Learning | May 2023

Developing Career-Ready Graduates: The Importance of AI Literacy Across the Curriculum

Are you curious about how AI can be incorporated into undergraduate education across a diverse university with many different colleges?

AI2 Center | March 2023

AI2 Talking Points

Need help telling UF's AI story? Here are some talking points indicating how UF is defining what it means to be an AI university.  


AI2 Center | March 2023

Building the Nation's First AI University

This booklet details UF's journey in building the Nation's First AI University. 

AI2 Center | March 2023

UF's AI Professional Development for Florida's K-12 Teachers

Florida is among the first states to adopt a K-12 artificial intelligence education program designed to prepare its youth for the growing global demand for an AI-enabled workforce. Educators are the key to preparing students to thrive in a world where artificial intelligence is an integral part of their lives and careers.

AI2 Center | February 2023

Become an AI Scholar

UF undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing AI-related research with a UF faculty member are invited to apply for the AI Scholars Program through the Center for Undergraduate Research.  Scholars are selected to participate through a competitive process, which occurs in the spring.

Science Direct | Volume 4, 2023

Developing a Model for AI Across the Curriculum

This position paper describes one possible path to address potential gaps in AI education and integrate AI across the curriculum at a traditional research university. 

AI2 Center | December 2022

UF's AI Partnerships with other Educational Institutions

The University of Florida is committed to leveraging its artificial intelligence knowledge and resources by partnering with other institutions, thereby reaching far more people and having a far greater impact than it could alone. Our AI partnerships include other institutions of higher learning, primary and secondary schools, and private sector organizations. 

AI2 Center | November 2022

AI Across the Curriculum

The university became committed to building the nation’s first AI university by infusing AI instruction in all disciplines, hiring more than 100 expert AI faculty across our 16 colleges, and offering more than 200 courses in AI and data science to thousands of students. 

AI2 Center | November 2022

UF's Undergraduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

UF students can add value to their degree with a certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications. 

UF Foundation | March 2021

Data Based Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence at UF

UF is breaking new ground by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data science to amplify our ability to impact the people and communities we serve. 







January 2024

GenTech showcased at UF's AI Days

It's not just higher education that's changing, it's the entire world changing with GenTech's influence. Hear from UF's Chair of English, Sid Dobrin, discuss how guiding students in GenTech prepares them for tomorrow's workforce.

January 2024

AI's Education for Tomorrow's Workforce

Amelia Winger-Bearskin emphasizes the importance of teaching AI to students, enhancing their understanding of its capabilities and limitations, in order to prepare them for the AI-enabled workforce of both today and the future.

January 2024

Teaching AI in K-12

Maya Israel discusses how teachers can use AI to help teach students and how learning opportunities can be designed so children can understand AI's impact on the world

October 2023

Interview with Nancy Ruzycki on teaching AI in K-12 

Nancy Ruzycki explains how technology and system thinking were brought into K-12 schools to teach complex topics and use technology at the classroom level. 

October 2023

Interview with AI2 Fellow Jim Hoover discussing AI Days 

AI2 Fellow Jim Hoover discusses the opportunities students have to understand business processes and solve problems during AI Days.

October 2023

Interview with AI Scholar Avery Teman 

AI Scholar Avery Teman shares her experience pursuing the AI certificate as a pre-med economic major and encourages students of all majors to explore the certificate because of the impact AI has across all fields and occupations.

October 2023

ChatGPT and Media: A conversation with Janet Coats 

Janet Coats, managing director of the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology at the UF College of Journalism and Communications, discusses ChatGPT and its impact on media.

October 2023

UF Researchers discuss how they are implementing digital twins at UF 

Digital twins are a virtual copy in a computer world of a real life thing. In this video, learn how the University of Florida is implementing a digital twin.

October 2023

AI Days' Hackathon Recap 

UF AI Days hosted a 48 hour hackathon for students to solve a problem based on the challenge statement "Reimagining Generative AI in product services and education"

October 2023

AI Days' Gator Tank Recap 

Gator Tank is an experiential learning opportunity for students to compete against each other in the form of a pitch competition to share their ideas about AI solutions.

October 2023

AI Days 2023 Recap 

UF AI days is able to bring participants together to see the scope of AI development on UF's campus. The event is able to unite leaders and researchers together to learn and innovate.

September 2023

Take a video tour of HiPerGator

Learn about the University of Florida's supercomputer, HiPerGator, and develop an understanding of how the computer helps to solve problems for the state of Florida and beyond.

September 2023

Building an AI-enabled workforce

Hear from 3 students about their experience pursuing the AI Certificate and how the certificate enables them to a brighter future in the workforce.

April 2023

SEC Generative AI Forum Webinar

The Southeastern Conference hosted a virtual panel featuring faculty experts to discuss various generative artificial intelligence topics.

November 2022

AI Year in Review 2022

From partnering with IBM and NVIDIA to developing a K-12 AI education program, we're using AI at UF to build the AI university of the future - addressing society's most pressing challenges and moving the world forward.

November 2022

Stopping uncontrolled wildfires with AI at UF

It currently takes 24 hours to find fire ignition spots. Fire Neural Network, the winning team from the AI Days Pitch Competition, detects these wildfires within seconds using satellite data and AI signal processing.

November 2022

Sea level rise predictions may be improved with artificial intelligence

University of Florida Geology assistant professor, Mickie MacKie, is looking into improving sea level rise predictions with the help of machine learning. Using AI, researchers are looking at conditions beneath ice sheets and glaciers, especially where there are gaps in measurement of the ice bed elevation. The ability to access these measurements can provide a glimpse into projected sea level rise and allow to respond to these changes faster.

November 2022

Gator Tank Pitch Competition 2022

Using #AIatUF, students are creating solutions to real-world problems.

October 2022

AI Undergraduate Certificate

Undergraduates in any major can earn the Certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications. The certificate is intended for undergraduates of all majors (both technical and non-technical) to understand fundamentals of artificial intelligence, its applications to real-world problems in various disciplines, and ethical and professional responsibilities of these technologies.

October 2022

Opening an artificial intelligence server node

Take a look at the groundbreaking technology inside the most powerful university-owned AI supercomputer in the nation with UF Research Computing scientist, Matt Gitzendanner.

August 2022

Creating equity in education with an AI summer camp for teens

The @gatorengineering and College of Education have teamed up to host Camp DIALOGS, a project promoting equity in education — aimed at making AI and computer science more accessible to students in lower-income areas. This NSF-funded project took form in a summer camp for teens where middle school students were able to create conversational apps using a digital interface developed by Florida researchers. In addition to transforming the way middle school students view STEM and computing careers, these camp learning approaches will be made available to teachers throughout Florida.

June 2022

Florida AI invention accurately predicts surgical complications

Predicting postoperative complications with accuracy is now possible thanks to an Al-powered system created by University of Florida researchers. The system's algorithm offers improvements from methods currently used to predict surgical complications, which are currently not automated nor sophisticated.

December 2021

UF professor shares how AI affects your music discovery

Did you find some of your 2021 Spotify Wrapped results...surprising? University of Florida musicologist, Imani Mosley, explains why this might be. Learn more:

August 2021

University of Florida AI Year in Review

What a year for AI at UF — from our transformational partnership with NVIDIA to building one of higher ed's most powerful AI supercomputers to developing life-changing Al models at UF Health — and this is just the beginning.

July 2021

Florida Creates Pathways to Artificial Intelligence

A new era of academic pursuit has emerged at the University of Florida. Students and faculty at Florida are now able to apply AI across every discipline, putting the University at the center of creating a future that is data based but human inspired.

March 2021

AI Micro Minutes With Dr. Jasmine McNealy: Why is it Important to Recognize Women in Research?

This Women’s History Month, Dr. Jasmine McNealy, an associate professor in the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and associate director of the Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project, discusses the presence of women in STEM development. 

March 2021

Artificial Intelligence at the University of Florida

The University of Florida is home to higher education's most powerful #AI supercomputer. University of Florida's supercomputer -- the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer in higher education -- will soon be available for students and faculty across the State University System. 

March 2021

AI Micro Minutes with Dr. Jasmine McNealy: Why is Equitable AI Important?

Dr. Jasmine McNealy shares the importance of creating equitable AI for societal equity. Although this kind of change is not easy to achieve, Dr. McNealy, associate professor in the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and associate director of the Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project, discusses the impact of AI being programmed to help promote inclusion.

March 2021

AI Micro Minutes With Dr. Jasmine McNealy: How does AI Impact Marginalized Communities?

Dr. Jasmine McNealy, associate professor in the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and associate director of the Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project, talks about how existing exclusions will continue through the addition of biased AI and how skewed data resulting from historic discrimination only further perpetuates the problem. In order to avoid harming marginalized groups, Dr. McNealy emphasizes the importance of having the goals of equity built into AI.

March 2021

AI Micro Minutes with Dr. Jasmine McNealy: How Can Students Help in Creating Responsible Technology?

Technology is a product of the society it exists in. Dr. Jasmine McNealy, an associate professor in the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications and associate director of the Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project, discusses how the best intentions of programmers to solve a problem can be challenging. The impact of these solutions can sometimes benefit a few yet harm others; Dr. McNealy shares the importance of how students can impact technology by understanding more about society itself.

November 2020

AI Across the Curriculum: To build a greater future, where do you begin?

At the University of Florida, we are embracing the unstoppable future today by launching a new initiative to advance and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the enterprise as a fundamental pillar of our academic pursuits. With the ever-increasing importance of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and other emerging tools, UF is cementing its role in the AI revolution of the way we work, play, and live our lives.

February 2023

Our Perspective: Artificial Intelligence at UF

Assistant Professor Karla Saldaña Ochoa notes the importance of artificial intelligence in our future. The University of Florida is including artificial intelligence in every academic discipline. According to Dr. Saldaña Ochoa, including AI in various fields of study will prepare future generations to embrace the future. In her case, she uses AI in the field of architecture to solve problems for the social good.

October 2022

Courtney Leu on the AI undergraduate certificate

AI & Computer Information Science Engineering Fair

October 2022

Tanya Charan on being a woman in STEM at UF

AI & Computer Information Science Engineering Fair