AI² Center Affiliated Faculty

UF AI² Center Affiliates are faculty and administrators that span all UF colleges and programs with an interest in engaging with the AI² Center and all campus-wide AI-focused opportunities. Affiliates will hear about AI related activities on campus through our center’s mailing list and direct AI-related communications. The AI² Centers aims to support our affiliated faculty by facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations, growing partnerships, professional development opportunities, and making available access to seed grants and faculty incentives. Our faculty affiliates may periodically engage with AI at UF through a variety of activities such as expert speakers at events, conference/workshop attendance, speaking to the media, participating in AI workgroups across campus, joining course or program review committees, serving as AI mentors for undergraduate students, developing new AI curriculum, and hosting AI workshops and conferences in their discipline. Complete this form to be considered as affiliated faculty to the AI² Center.