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Earn an Undergraduate AI Certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications

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Enroll in UF’s artificial intelligence certificate program where all undergraduate students, regardless of major, can learn how to apply artificial intelligence in their discipline. No background in computer programming, engineering or data science is needed. Pursuing courses in AI can put you ahead of the curve when applying for internships or jobs. Obtain the skills you need to join the AI-trained workforce of the future.

This university-wide certificate will prepare students to understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, its applications to real-world problems in various disciplines, and ethical and professional responsibilities of these technologies. The certificate consists of two required courses, a fundamental course and an AI ethics course. After completing those, students take a third elective course in the application of ethics in their discipline. Students learn how to use AI and apply them to maximize efficiency or solve problems within their discipline.

To obtain this certificate, you must apply through the link above and before you take the second course. To earn the certificate, you must apply to graduate with it.

Admission criteria: Junior level of any major, MAC 1147 or equivalent. Some of the elective courses require prerequisites, which are fulfilled by the majors indicated. 

Required Courses   

For questions regarding the certificate, contact Pam Simon or 352-392-9672.