Discipline-Specific Certificates

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management Certificate

This certificate trains students in the applications of artificial intelligence and data analytics in tourism, hospitality, and event management. Students have the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and practice in areas such as artificial intelligence trends, analytic skills, machine learning concepts, technology applications, opportunities, and challenges in industries.

Tourism, Hospitality AI Certificate

Geographic Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Certificate

The integration of Geography and AI: GeoAI, provides novel approaches for addressing a variety of geospatial challenges in the real world. This certificate develops transferable skills in GeoAI to address issues impacting our environment and societies. GeoAI training is critical given projected growth ~16% in this industry by 2050.

Geographic AI Certificate

Public Health and Healthcare Certificate

The Artificial Intelligence in Public Health and Healthcare certificate is for those seeking to acquire fundamental knowledge, ethical decision-making, and applied skills in artificial intelligence applications in public health practice and healthcare settings.

Public Health and Health Professions Certificate