Certificate and Courses

UF offers new undergraduate AI certificate

Students, as you prepare for a career in the 21st century, you will find that more and more employers are looking for experience with artificial intelligence.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

UF has instituted a new undergraduate AI Certificate for any UF undergrad.  It is called the Certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications (https://www.eng.ufl.edu/eed/programs/undergraduate-certificate-in-ai-fundamentals-and-applications/). You take two required three-credit courses, and one three-credit elective of your choosing.

Below are the details which can discuss with your academic advisor

UF Undergraduate Certificate (any undergrad at UF can get this 9-credit certificate)

  • Required PHI 3681 Ethics, Data and Technology
  • Required EEL 3872 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Elective Third Courses include:

College of Engineering

  • EEE 4773 Fundamentals of Machine Learning (EG-ECE major)
  • CAP 3032 Interactive Modeling and Animation 1
  • BME 4760 Biomedical Data Science (EG-BME major)

Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • CAP 3032 Interactive Modeling and Animation 1

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

  • ALS 3200C AI in Agricultural and Life Sciences

If you are not interested in this UF Certificate but want AI experience in your major, a few courses are listed below. Be sure to talk to your advisor about artificial intelligence; colleges are adding courses in AI all the time. 

College of the Arts

  • ART4612C (undergraduate) & ART6925C (graduate) Experiments in ARTificial Intelligence [Digital Media Workshop] 
  • ART6933C Full Luxury AI [A+T Graduate Seminar] 

Warrington College of Business

Graduate Courses

  • FIN6930 AI & ML Applications for Finance and FINTECH
  • QMB6930 Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • ISM6423 Business Data Presentation and Visualization
  • QMB6930 Analytics Processes for Business Bootcamp
  • QMB6930 Analytics Practicum I
  • QMB6930 Analytics Practicum II
  • QMB6930 Analytics Practicum III
  • QMB6930 Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • ACG7848 Data Analysis and Skills
  • ISM6423 Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • ISM6485 Electronic Commerce and Logistics (capstone course)
  • MAN6930 Human Capital Analytics
  • QMB6405 Intermediate Business Programming
  • QMB6405 Intro to Business Intelligence
  • ISM6930 Intro to Python
  • QMB6755 Managerial Quantitative Analysis
  • QMB6930 Marketing Analytics I
  • QMB6930 Marketing Analytics II
  • ISM6251 Programming for Business Analytics
  • QMB6358 Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decisions
  • QMB6845 Supply Chain Analytics: Gaming the Supply Chain
  • ACG7849 Web Crawling & Text Analysis

College of Journalism and Communications

  • ADV 3500 Digital Insights
  • ADV 4300 Media Planning
  • JOU 4930 AI in Media and Society

CISE AI Courses

Undergraduate Courses

  • CAP 4641 Computational Natural Language Processing
  • CIS 4930 Dialog Systems: Natural Language, Boyer (Awaiting Course #)
  • CAP 4053 Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games
  • CAP 4621 Artificial Intelligence and Heuristics
  • CAP 4680 Knowledge-Based System: Theory and Practice
  • CAP 4770 Intro to Data Science
  • CEN 4725 Natural User Interaction
  • CAP4773 Projects in Data Science

Graduate Courses

  • CAP5416 Computer Vision
  • CAP6516 Medical Image Analysis
  • CAP 5635 Artificial Intelligence Concepts
  • CEN 5726 Natural User Interaction
  • CAP 5771 Introduction to Data Science
  • COT 5615 Math for Intelligent Systems
  • CAP 6610 Machine Learning
  • CAP 6615 Neural Networks for Computing
  • CAP 6617 Advanced Machine Learning
  • CAP 6685 Expert Systems
  • CAP 6769 Advanced Topics in Data Science
  • CIS 6930 Dialog Systems: Natural Language, Boyer (Awaiting Course #)
  • CAP 6779 Projects in Data Science

Current Special Topics Courses

  • CIS4930/6930 Applied Machine Learning
  • CIS4930 Computer Vision
  • CIS4930/6930 Probability for CS & Machine Learning
  • CIS4930/6930 Network Analytics & Machine Learning
  • CIS4930/6930 Deep Learning for Computer Graphics
  • CIS4930/6930 GPU Accelerated Computing
  • CIS4930/6930 Cyber-physical System Security
  • CIS6930 Computational Neuroscience
  • CIS6930 Advanced Topics in Computer Vision